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Posted: August 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

Thoughts while waiting on an oil change…

So I’ve already learned one lesson about blogging from the phone: drafted are not saved! So let me move along quickly here:

-I haven’t been out of the loop by any means, but I suppose that it just dawned on me that Jeremiah Masoli will be an Old Miss Rebel this fall. This is just a few months after being kicked off the Oregon team (for the story on how that happened, check this out). Once again, it looks like an athlete will get another chance after seemingly screwing up “for the last time.” It never surprises me when this happens.  Just two weeks ago, no one thought that Terrell Owens would find a team. Now, he and Chad Johnson (one day, I will go in on athletes being called by their nicknames) are carrying each other’s equipment as Bengals teammates. From Stephen Garcia to Milton Bradley, as long as you can “fill a need,” it’s likely that you will always get another chance (Google “Leonard Little” sometime for another example). I won’t debate whether this practice is “right” or “wrong,” just interesting, I suppose.

Furnished out this ended up being just one very long thought.  But oh well. I just didn’t this from my phone!

  1. whimsyonmysleeve says:

    Yay! I’m glad you crossed over to wordpress!

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