20 for 20: Down goes the dynasty!

Posted: August 12, 2010 in Baseball, MLB, Sports, World Series
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In the 20 years that I’ve been watching sports, I could probably find about 34962 things that really stood out to me (Hey there, LeBron James!). However, since themes are cooler, I will turn them into twenty. Here’s the second of 20 sports moments (sincce 1990 that have made me the psycho sports fan that I am today. Cue the music!

Oh my, Luis Gonzalez, what big arms you have!

For the few, the proud people who proudly claim themselves to be an Arizona Diamondbacks fan, isn’t it weird to think that it’s almost been ten years since your team won the World Series? There are a lot of reasons why the 2001 World Series was great. (George Bush throwing out the first pitch, two Yankee comebacks against Byung-Hyun Kim, Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling sharing MVP honors, and Derek Jeter becoming “Mr. November” are some examples.)

My (used to be) President can throw a baseball!

Also, it was the first major sports championship that was decided after 9/11. Lots of “big deal” potential with this World Series.

Fortunately, the teams staged a Game 7 to remember (unlike the *cough* most recent NBA Finals *cough*). Curt Schilling dueled against Roger Clemens (I mean, it was 2001, folks). The game was knotted at one until the 8th inning, when Alfonso Soriano (do you realize he’s played for four teams in the past seven years?) hit a home run to give the Yankees the lead. Since the Yankees had the lead, it was time for Mariano Rivera. You may have heard of him ; he happens to be the best postseason closer of all time. So…game over, right? You had to think that the Yankees were on their way to their fifth title since 1996.

Well, that’s why they play the game! You never know. While Rivera struck out the side in the eight,

Probably more than you ever expected to see of Luis Gonzalez, I'm sure.

things fell apart in the ninth. The Diamondbacks were able to load the bases, and Luis Gonzalez’s love tap bloop(?) single scored Jay Bell to win the game (and the Series, obviously). What’s more amazing about the Diamondbacks’s comeback was the not-quite Murderer’s Row of players that faced Rivera in the 9th inning (Damian Miller, Jay Bell, Tony Womack, Craig Counsell?? Le sigh.). I may have been the only person that I knew who legitimately “cared” about this game, though I could say that about…most of the moments that will end up here.

What’s happened since then? Well, the Yankees did not win another World Series until last year (even losing to the Marlins at the not that old Yankee Stadium in 2003). The Diamondbacks? Meh. While they did return to the playoffs in 2007, (losing in the NLCS to the Colorado Rockies). But hey, they will always have 2001 to fall back on! Georgia and Clemson football fans still consider themselves nationally relevant, even though their last championships happened in the (gulp) 1980s. Yes, you read that correctly. As a matter of fact, you can probably bet the farm on Arizona doing some sort of commemorative event next year. Because, you know, they can never, EVER take away a championship. Unless you’re Southern Cal football. Wait, too soon?

  1. The D-backs will need to do something considering they can’t seem to get even 15,000 people in the stands these days… Maybe a commemorative event next year will jumpstart something…

    The only sold-out game I’ve ever been to at Chase is when the Red Sox were in town and for a playoff game against the Cubs… Seems the opposing team brings in more fans than the D-backs.

    I just go for the corndogs.

    • tbfiles says:

      Yeah, it’s hard to justify going to a game when the team seems to be rebuilding. And you can warch in HD for free at home! Hopefully things can turn around; any ballpark with a pool is a cool place to be!

  2. daniel says:

    hey hello, i was wondering if you can helo me out… im going to meet luis gonzales thanks to a raffle i won and was looking to get the picture where hes hitting the game winner in the world series… the problem is i cant find the picture in high quality i dont know if somewhere in your files you might have it… i really appreciate it if you or somebody can help me with this…. this picture will be for me im not looking to sell it or anything like that…. thanks!!

    • tbfiles says:

      Well, I ended up finding that picture on the Internet. I’m not really sure where though. Think I just did a search for the 2001 World Series. Sounds like an awesome opportunity though, good luck!

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