When all you want is football. (MNF Cardinals-Titans, 1st half)

Posted: August 23, 2010 in Football, NFL, Sports
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Football is kind of back!! I’ll try to do a running diary of games here and there. As always, the opinions are only those of the author. Just in case you want to go ahead and disown me. And here we go!

Look at Johnson use the right joystick!

All times Eastern
7:58 pm: You are at the 66.67% ManZone EN VIVO!!! Can someone tell me why in the world we’re actively discussing Matt Leinart’s leadership in the preseason?

8:01 pm: Suzy Kolber was the host of ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown. Does this mean…no more Boomer? (Dare to dream)

8:02 pm: John Gruden says that Vince Young has had his best offseason ever. Because, you can measure that, you know.

8:06 pm: Easy football joke: If the Cardinals can be abbreviated to Cards, what can the Titans be shortened to? (Answer below. No, really this time.)

I think Jeff Fisher is practicing his Daddy Stroke.

8:11 pm: Big makeover on the Titans defense. Lots of people you don’t care about old faces (Kearse, Van den Bosch, Bulluck) GONE. Taking their place? Some guys you can find on their depth chart.

8:19 pm: Hmmm, maybe Gruden was right. It looks like Vince Young had a GREAT offseason!

8:25 pm: Hey ESPN, even if you put it under “news,” Tiger and Elin getting a divorce is not news worthy for ESPN’s Bottom Line.

8:27 pm: Not a bad crowd here at Adelphia Coliseum LP Field tonight! The stadium itself actually sits near the river, which is kind of scenic. If…you’re into that stuff, of course.

8:30 pm: Oh snap! Vince Young with the quick throw, and a beauty a nice completion to Nate Washington! Now, the ball was behind him…but, you know. Baby steps.

8:31 pm: Chris Johnson using the stretch play to get into the end zone for a TOUCHDOWN, TITANS. 7-0!

8:32 pm: I think you need to know why Rob Bironas is the coolest kicker in the league.

8:39 pm: I don’t mean to ruin this for you, but if this were a soccer match, we would almost be done with the first half. Alas, it is not—3:52 left in the first quarter.

8:41 pm: Chris Johnson played in 86 percent of the Titans’s plays last year. Yes, that was most in the league. And no, that is not good.

Ladies and gentleman, your #1 fantasy football pick! Yeah, he's a little scary looking.

8:43 pm: I want to say things about the Cardinals, but I think they’ve had the ball for about 45 seconds so far.

8:45 pm: Jeff Fisher throws the challenge flag. Drink!

8:48 pm: OK, so the challenge turned out to be worth the time. Looks like the receiver did make the catch. And no, I don’t remember his name.

8:51 pm: Vince Young has some zip on these passes. Also, hasn’t Bo Scaife been in the league for about 38 years?

8:53 pm: Answer to “question” above: The Titans would be the Tits! Why can’t some announcer make my day and use that name?

8:55 pm: Speaking of…um, tits…I wonder what VY’s pregnant girlfriend feels about him showing out at the strip club?

8:58 pm: Really folks, I’d like to say good things about the Cardinals. Did you know Emmitt Smith used to be a Card?

9:02 pm: Jaws on Derek Anderson: “He can make all the throws. But he needs to develop those touch throws.” Um, what?

9:03 pm: Anderson with the quick throw, and a beauty(!) for 37 yards to, uh, some guy. Take that, Jaws!

9:05 pm: OK, that was way damn behind a little behind the receiver. And yes, Jaws, we know where the ball should have gone. Cards got a field goal out of it, though!

9:10 pm: Jon Gruden says that Kerry Collins can “still throw the football.” Thanks for being a part of the telecast, Chucky!

9:14 pm: Matt Leinart kind of reminds me of watching Stephen Garcia. As in, every throw looks like he’s going number two. (How bout them Gamecocks?!!!??)

9:18 pm: The running theme for this preseason in the NFL: Your team’s offensive line will actually start blocking sometime after Week 3 of the regular season. Don’t hold your breath!

9:21 pm: I would add “anytime an athlete says ‘you know’ in an interview” to the Football Drinking Game…but you may need to have a keg on hand to make it through a game.

9:25 pm: Kurt Warner? The Cardinals would probably take Jeff Blake back at this point.

9:28 pm: Random, yet relevant tweet: NFL: After watching Leinart & Anderson, the Cardinals best chance at offense this season might be to punt on 1st down. (via @EricStangel)

9:30 pm: Kenny Britt of the Tits Titans says that he did not come to camp “ready.” Because, you know, a six figure (at least) salary is not worth being ready for.

9:35 pm: OK, here’s another random, yet relevant tweet to take us home. Before people get all freaked out, remember that Arizona was 0-4, outscored 100-53 in last year’s preseason. Won division anyway. (via @FO_ASchatz)

9:41 pm: And, that does it for the first half of tonight’s game! The score: Tits 10, Cards 3. Not very sure if you’ll be getting a second half, folks. The preseason is rough. Nonetheless, thanks for reading!

  1. zenlizzie says:

    You make me wish i had cable!!!

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