¡Vive La Liga! (Fantasy football draft recap)

Posted: September 2, 2010 in Fantasy sports, Football, NFL
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As you may recall, I wrote a blog about forming a fantasy football league. Well, it turns out that I am actually able to accomplish something that I set out to do! We had the draft for the first ever season of La Liga de TBF. And since this is a hyper sports blog, why not give some player highlights from the draft?!!? We ended up going with eight total teams, which gives me less to write about, really. Anyway, here are the conferences, each team’s first pick, and my choice for the “sleeper” on the team.

Note: Obviously, the names of the team owners are being withheld for their privacy. Translation: I did not ask to put their names in this blog because I’m too lazy for that.

That's right! La Liga is werewolf and vampire friendly!

Jacob Black Conference (Believe it.)
Dixieland Stars and Bars
-First pick: Adrian Peterson (5th overall). Obviously, you might be thinking, “Adrian Peterson went fifth overall?!!?” Don’t worry, I thought the same thing.
-Sleeper: Eddie Royal (11th round). With Brandon Marshall gone, who else will Kyle Orton throw the ball to? Just two years ago, he had 90 receptions.

Tega Cay Filet Mignons
-First pick: Ray Rice (7th overall). Getting a guy with 2,000 yards “from scrimmage” (that’s a stupid name for a stat, by the way) is usually a good idea. And this league rewards a point for each reception!
-Sleeper: Well, this is not really a sleeper. But how in the world did Calvin Johnson, Brandon Marshall, and

No Matt Millen, you cannot join this league!

Michael Crabtree (all #1 receivers) end up on the same team? Who drafted this team, Matt Millen?

Don’t Succop my Garcon Poupon (best team name WINNER)
-First pick: Chris Johnson (2nd overall). Well, at #2, this is a value pick. Unless, you know, his body breaks down.
-Sleeper: Matthew Stafford (10th round). I know, I know, a second year QB shouldn’t be a sleeper. However, it’s usually the guys that aren’t getting any attention who end up surprising some people. That, and, well, um, yeah. He was the top (for real) pick in 2009!

Team Hosti
-First pick: Drew Brees (1st overall). Hey, why not go with the Madden cover boy as the first pick? Don’t answer that.
-Sleeper: Victor Cruz (NY Giants, 16th round). When you purposely go for the guy “that made the Jets look bad on Hard Knocks, this takes the cake for all sleepers.

Also, the winner of this league gets to marry Bella. Wait a minute...

Edward Cullen Conference
Awkward Turtles
-First pick: Peyton Manning (6th overall). No argument here. Before that terrible T.A.I.N.T. (TD after interception) in the Super Bowl, people were ready to say he was the best ever. So, uh, that would make him a smart fantasy choice, right?
-Sleeper: The combo of Joe Flacco and Anquan Boldin. Also: Chris Cooley. Who else will McNabb throw the ball to?

Team Fancy Pants
-First pick: Andre Johnson (3rd overall). At least it wasn’t Andre Rison!

There's also a "best hair" category for this league. And this guy will not win that award.

-Sleeper: Vince Young (14th round). I think I heard all the ESPN fantasy nerds jumping around, screaming, and giving each other high fives once this pick was made. 14th round! 26-13 as a starter!

-First pick: Tony Romo (8th overall). Matthew Berry hearts this pick.
-Sleeper: Steve Breaston (16th round). I know, Kurt Warner’s gone. But I think that Larry Fitzgerald may finally be getting that Madden curse, and Breaston caught 77 balls in 2008. And, round 16? Even 60 catches would make this a solid sleeper.

Team Kasprzyk
-First pick: Aaron Rodgers (4th overall). ESPN the Magazine labeled him as “the people’s choice.” Michael Lombardi thinks that the Packers are a lot like last year’s Saints. Yeah, that’s worth a top pick.
-Sleeper: Matt Forte (7th round). You know, last year, Matt Forte was a first round must. I know, thanks a lot, Jay Cutler!!!

And that, my friends, is the team lineup for La Liga TBF! I will have a separate page up that will have team standings and results. Also, there will be an elaborate celebration for the winner. Be on the lookout for that!


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