Getting ahead of the curve

Posted: November 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

No Thanks to the Thursday night games starting, (now through the end of the season) my NFL picks will be broken up. (Translation: You’re probably see less NFL picks posts from me as the season progresses. I’ll say it with you: Le sign.) Anyway, I figured that I’ll do a few games today, (some college games as well) and maybe (just maybe) do a few more tomorrow.

Before I begin however, a special shout out to The Lady. She went 11-2 in picks last week. Had the Jets just decided to play a two-minute offense the entire game, and had the Browns drafted Jimmy Claussen instead of Colt McCoy, she could have gone undefeated. She’s now three games ahead of me with eight weeks left. As I stated before, the loser has to buy dinner for the winner. And no, I still don’t like my chances. Without further ado, here are some Week Ten NFL picks!

(Home team in caps)

FALCONS (-1.5) over Ravens (Thursday night)
I’m not saying that this is why I’m picking them, but who would you take in a fight: a falcon or a raven? I like the Ravens and all, but it’s hard for me to have confidence in the Ravens winning on the road (in a tough environment like the Georgia Dome) four days after playing the Dolphins. Also, if my memory serves me correctly…the Ravens lost the last two indoors games they played (at Minnesota and Indianapolis). Trends are important…sometimes.

BILLS (-2.5) over Lions
Yes, I picked the Bills last week. And it would have worked out. As a matter of fact, it should have.

Not even the return of Shaun Hill will wave my faith in the Bills!

Buffalo scored three touchdowns! Also, they were going in for a touchdown while leading 19-15. Ryan Fitzpatrick then threw a TAINT, and there you have your final score. Yes, I know that Shaun Hill is coming back for this game. But dammit, I LIKE THE BILLS. And, Hill will be wearing a cast. That never ends well.


BROWNS (+3.5) over Jets
Has it really come down to this? I’m picking the Browns over the Jets. What has this come to?!!? You know what, I don’t like the way this looks.

Jets (-3.5) over BROWNS
Rule #1 in sports: GREAT HYPE FALLS HARD! Everybody likes the Browns now. And the Jets have yet to play a truly impressive game this year (I’m not going to count the one at Buffalo). THE TIME IS NOW (generic football quote)!!!

COLTS (-7.5) over Bengals
Personally, I thought the hit on Austin Collie wasn’t “illegal.” But, it was close enough to bring out the flag. I was a nice throw by Peyton?

was also impressed with the way the Colts still battled in that game. The Eagles were clearly the better team, but Indy found a way to hang around when Philly wasn’t able to fully capitalize. And, well, the Bengals are not very good. Although, that’s not really breaking news.


DOLPHINS (+0.5) over Titans
C’mon. Stranger things have happened. This is a classic “Wait a minute, shouldn’t it be cooler? Oh wait, this is South Beach…” game for the Dolphins. While I’m not sure that Chad Pennington should be starting now, he is pretty solid. I think. Aside from the game last week, (and the Monday night game against New England) the Fins have been in every game. They’ve got to win one of these games, right? RIGHT?!!?

BUCS (-7.5) over Panthers
It’s OK, Cowboys fans. Your team is not the worst in the NFL. It’s the Carolina Panthers. “A pathetic, hot mess” is the first thing that came to mind. Our dog, Daisy, refuses to wear the her Panthers bandanna. She’s a dog! She shouldn’t know the difference! If that doesn’t sum up this woeful season, then I don’t know what will.

More picks to come this weekend!


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