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She Needs (your) Help!!

Posted: August 31, 2011 in Football, NFL, Sports

Yes, I know I owe y’all some division by division NFL team previews. I have time! I mean, the NFL is still in a lockout, right?

Okay, you may not know Meggen. But don’t worry, you’ll get to know her over time. Last year, Meggen was a bandwagon Colts fan. I guess that wasn’t fulfilling enough, because now she’s looking for another team. And, considering that Peyton Manning was just removed from the Physically Unable to Perform list, (wouldn’t it be funny/sad/but still kinda funny if there was a database of guys that women could search for, um, other things?) I think Meggen’s jumping off the bandwagon at the right time.

Anyway, what does this have to do with me, or you? Well, I like to write about sports. Also, I forced asked Meggen to come up with five teams she would root for, and I would write about them. Of course, if you cared about Meggen’s well-being, you should vote for which team she should root for. That’s not so bad, is it? So, here we go.

Carolina Panthers
Her take: I feel somewhat of an obligation to root for them. They are the closest thing I have to a hometown team. Granted I’ve been anti-Panthers for their entire existence, but that was only because I hate their font and I’m not a fan of that blue. Though, the blue is growing on me. So maybe it’s time to come around.
Last year: 2-14
Inception, all time record: 1995, 125-141
Best season: 2003, finished 11-5, lost in Super Bowl 39 to the Patriots
Worst season: All of the other ones 2001, finished 1-15. George Seifert, ladies and gentlemen!
Hall of Famers: Zero
-Easy to get good coverage on the team since they’re local
-Can’t hurt to root for a team with “Carolina” in the name, no?
-Cam Newton!
-If somebody gets out of line, Steve Smith will punch their lights out
-They were really bad last year. They’ll probably be really bad this year
-If somebody gets out of line, Steve Smith will punch their lights out
-Let’s be honest here: Are you a fan of their colors?

New Orleans Saints
Her take: It’s Nawlins baby! I love New Orleans. It’s one of my favorite cities in the US… not that I’ve been to all of them, but even if I had, I’m sure it would still be in my top 5. I’m even talking post-Katrina. The street corner music, the jambalaya, the beads, the hand grenades, the beignets, the fried alligator… life doesn’t get better than that. Any team that plays there is worthy of my adoration.
Last year: 11-5, lost in the first round of the playoffs to the Seahawks
Inception, all time record: 1967, 291-390
Best season: 2009, finished 13-3, won Super Bowl 43
Worst season: 2005, finished 3-13, and, that Hurricane Katrina thing…
Hall of Famers: Eight (Although Rickey Jackson and Jim Finks are the only ones chosen due to their time with New Orleans)
-They’re really good right now!
-Reggie Bush is no longer there!
-The Superdome is loud and intimidating
-A very strong franchise
-That stupid “Who dat” phrase
-The Saints have a lot of bandwagon fans. That’s annoying to me
(Okay, maybe rooting for the Saints wouldn’t be so bad at all…)

Y'all remember the South Park episode where Cartman was trying to find his dad, right?

Denver Broncos
Her take: This all started because one day Jordy was complaining about the hype around the QB controversy in Denver. You remember, “Will it be Orton? Will it be Tebow? It’s Tebow and his ginormous biceps… no, it’s Orton!!!” And my response to Jordy’s complaining was, “Maybe I’ll start rooting for the Broncos.” Also, in Denver’s defense, it too ranks in my top 5 favorite US cities. The scenery is gorgeous and the drinks there are cheap.
Last season: 3-13–but they drafted Tim Tebow (Yeah, it was a disaster still, folks)!!!
Inception, all time record: 1960, 398-364
Best season: 1998–finished 14-2, won Super Bowl 33 over the Dirty Birds Atlanta Falcons
Worst season: Probably last year.
Hall of Famers: Eight
-Tim Tebow!
-John Fox did have success in Carolina when the organization gave a damn
-Sound players all around (Dumervill, Moreno, Brandon Lloyd, Kyle Orton)
-That lady riding on a horse. (Scroll down)
-Tim Tebow
-Those horrendous uniforms.

New York Giants
Her take: My mom’s family is from upstate NY. So NY state has a special place in my heart. Though the Giants play in New Jersey, they have New York in their name and that’s good enough for me! It doesn’t hurt that a Manning plays for them either!
Last season: 10-6, missed playoffs
Inception, all time: 1925(?!!?), 636-524-33
Best season: 1986–went 14-2, won Super Bowl 25
Worst season: Honestly, this was hard to find. But, 1995–finished 5-11
Hall of Famers: 27(!!!)
-My God, they’ve been around a long time!
-Classic looking helmets
-And, good lord, they’ve been good forever!!!
-Really, you can put the first con there and multiply it by seven million

Indianapolis Colts
Her take: Peyton Manning. I’ve been rooting for him since he was at Tennessee. He’s your classic good-ole boy. Not to mention I had a huge crush on him when he was in college, but that was before I saw him without a helmet. Anyhow, Peyton is the only reason I have to root for Indianapolis and he won’t even be there for the first few games! He IS coming back, I don’t care what you say. Oh wait, there’s a dude who’s last name is translated “Boy”. (Pierre Garçon) That’s kinda cool.
Last season: 10-6, won NFC South
Inception, all time record: 1953, 466-412-7
Best season: 1970–went 13-2, won Super Bowl 5 over the Cowboys
Worst season: Probably this upcoming season 1991–went 1-15. Hey, just like the Panthers!
Hall of Famers: 10 players, 2 coaches
-Consistently good
-Lucas Oil Stadium looks nice!
-Peyton Manning! I hear he’s alright
-Jim Caldwell is not a good coach
-Yeah, that’s really it

So, there you have it. Who should Meggen root for?


This has been getting a bit out of control. In case you wanted to keep reading my thoughts about the ECU game, here’s a link to Part 1 of this all-fat preview.

C’mon guys, 4-2 ain’t that bad!!! And of course, I hope to be wrong. (Well, not really…) Anyway, I can’t help to wonder what the general expectation for the Gamecocks is at this point. As you read this/look for tickets/find that cheerleader outfit for your child to wear…how do you think this season will shake out? Is eight wins (considering the schedule/team history/relative common sense that the division will improve

A burning question for this year: Will someone give this guy a better hairdo?

overall) a reasonable expectation? (I promise that’s not blatant foreshadowing) I hope that you’ve been thinking about that (and not so much “when will this joke of a post end?”) while reading. Anyway, let’s go ahead and pick up on the second half of the season.

Oct 15: at Mississippi State
Now, isn’t Mississippi really easy to spell, all things considered? Wouldn’t you have a more difficult time spelling something like…Juneau? (the capital of Alaska, if you gave a damn) Anyway, I don’t need to look up “records for three consecutive conference road games” to know that this part of the schedule is pretty daunting. For a team that has been…meh on the road, I don’t care who you have on the team. Winning one out of three would actually be an accomplishment. Cowbells + rabid fans + a team on the upswing, looking for a big win=LOSS

Oct 29: at Tennessee
Say this about Derek Dooley: The man has the best hair of any coach in the SEC. And, he seems to

Eat your heart out, Les Miles

have this team going in the right direction. Hell, it helps to be the only men’s coach at the school who is actively following the rules. Actually, I see this as a revenge game for our garnet & black heroes. Anyone remember this game played Halloween weekend 2009? We played even uglier than the black jerseys the Vols Suck Balls wore. And, last year’s game was a bit too close (provided, Tyler Back Tat Bray played quite well). So, I’m feeling a bounce back big WIN in this spot.

Nov 5: at Arkansas
Interesting tidbit: I couldn’t name more than maybe four of the starters for the Gamecocks. The moral of that statement is that I am the perfect person to write about how the season will shake out. I remember the last time the Gamecocks won in Arkansas—2005. There was an epic 40ish yard TD pass in the wind to one Kenny McKinley from Blake Mitchell (Was it a high-low route combo? Do you care?). Arkansas is quite good. As much as it pains me to say that, it’s pretty true. Honestly, I’m thinking that the Gamecocks won’t be able to get out of town and back to Columbia fast enough. This is a LOSS. Let’s be real, folks.

Nov 12: vs. Texas A&M
Wanna know who would be EXCITED about this game? Texas A&M. Can someone tell me why the SEC would even want the Aggies? No, seriously. Because they have a big stadium? Because you’ll have an excuse to kiss your lover after a touchdown is scored? Quick, name a relevant Aggie player from the past 20 years, and Dat Nguyen does not count.

Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

It’s okay, you’re not going to find one. The biggest bowl game they’ve played in my lifetime? I suppose a Fiesta Bowl back in the mid 90s. There’s no sustained football success here!!! Why should the SEC be interested in a school that’s clearly just jealous of Texas? Here’s a way for people to care about Texas A&M: beat Texas. Stop trying to get picked up by the SEC, which would cause a conference Armageddon. Well, maybe that wouldn’t be such a bad thing. (If you haven’t picked up on it yet, the Gamecocks are not playing Texas A&M this year.)

Nov 12: vs. Florida
My favorite terms (Fire Meyer dot com! and Bourbon Meyer!!) are useless now that Bourbon Urban Meyer decided to hang up the headset and do television (and oh by the way, he’s actually really good!). Anyway, I really think that last year was the tipping point. While I’m confident that Florida will be much, much improved, The Head Ball Coach is good for at least one thing: Getting his players motivated for playing the Gators. Well, except for 2008. And, well, nothing would get me motivated more than seeing that my record is 5-4…WIN. Finally!!

Nov 19: vs. The Citadel
These cupcake games are stupid. If I was one of these FCS teams, I would refuse to play the big boys unless they came to play on my field. What would my team gain from being a walkover for you? It’s stupid and weak. But hey, that’s pretty much how every team in major college football operates. But then again, when your champion is decided by voters and computers and rankings and Magic 8 balls, should I really be surprised that these top teams are mostly a bunch of wimps? Anyway, don’t worry…this is a WIN also.

Nov 26: vs. Clemson
I’ll get this out of the way now: I think this will be a WIN. Now, here’s my question: What would you like to see done differently with this game? Apparently, this should be cared about on a national level. Yes, it’s the game between the two big schools in the state. Of course, the football history of both schools is pretty…middling AT BEST (as fast as you can say “national champions in 1982!” I can say “Danny Ford broke the rules. GTFOH.”). Also, rare is the time that both teams are even ranked, much less ranked highly (as in, Top 15 or higher). And, the average college football fan should care about this game because….? Is there a signature moment? A memorable, “OHMYGODICANTBELIEVETHATJUSTHAPPENED!!!” moment?

So, if we have answers to those questions, what else can be done? Should it be moved to Thursday again? Could it be the first game of the season? Does someone besides Hardee’s need to step in for the trophy (I’m looking at you, Jewelry Warehouse. There’s one thing that can happen in order for more people to care about this game: Both teams will have to be consistently stellar for a long period of time. Since that will take about 10 years at a minimum, then it’s on to changing something else (the date, name, trophy, etc.). What do you think it will take?

So, 8-4 it is! Besides, predicting 10-2 seasons is a bit boring, no? I hope you believe me when I say that I hope I’m wrong about this. I want an undefeated season, every year!! But, I watch way too much football to actually believe that undefeated seasons from the Gamecocks are something to be expected. Anyway, even a 9-3 season would tickle my fancy. Of course, should I be dead on with this, well, I told you so.

Jordy McKever writes for himself. Because, well, that’s pretty awesome to be that way. So hey says.

I’d recommend that you probably skip this post if you:
1. Hate football
2. Love all things related to South Carolina football
3. Have read any of my work before
4. Wait, if #3 applies to you, then bless your heart!!

Here’s the thought that keeps popping in my head when reading previews about/watching TV shows/hearing the general consensus for the Gamecocks this year: Did y’all WATCH this team last year? (And not just Justin King highlights, which are admittedly impressive) I really, really mean that. I don’t mean to get all official on you, but let’s take a gander at some of the team stats accumulated by the (team not on friggin probation) USC:
The Good
Led the conference in sacks!
Second in the SEC in 3rd down conversions!
3rd in the SEC in rush defense! (Right behind Auburn and Alabama, by the way)

The Bad
6th in the conference in scoring offense and defense
10th in the conference in pass defense
Next to last in kickoff returns, last in punt returns (field position/special teams–what’s that?)
Next to last in first downs allowed and 3rd downs converted against

Okay, so it’s not as if those stats really indicate that the Gamecocks are not good. But it sure as hell doesn’t mean that they’re great. Or that they should expected to be great. I read where one of the Vegas wiseguys thinks that South Carolina can easily get to 10 wins. (Hmmm, maybe he’s been reading my last two predicto blogs!!) I wonder if that wiseguy has been watching the Gamecocks…ever.

It’s just hard for me to be excited about this year in general, especially now that the pressure is on. I mean, EVERYBODY expects this team to be back in Atlanta for the SEC title game, right? Is another 9-5 season going to be acceptable? (But really, is another 9-5 season considered a success?) I’ve suspended all expectations about how the season will go. I just want it to be over. Already. Thanks a lot, Sports Illustrated!! (Man, doesn’t Alshon Jeffrey look really old?)

Anyway, the same premise as always for the predicto blog: I’ll go through each game, babble about mostly irrelevant things, then give an actual prediction. (I won’t torture myself, or y’all, by guessing the score) Before I begin, (finally) here’s a quick look at last year:
-Highlights: Nailing the Alabama, Florida and Clemson victories. Nailing the Kentucky loss.
-Lowlights: Writing this damn thing in the first place. Predicting a Capital One Bowl berth. Not even discussing the game vs. Tennessee.
As always, there is some room for improvement. So, here goes nothing!!!

Sept 3: vs. East Carolina (in Charlotte)
First things first: Kudos to the Gamecocks for doing a neutral site game! (Even if it’s only about 90 minutes away from campus) I know that this game will not be on the level of the Cowboys Classic or the Chick-Fil-A Kickoff Classic, but let’s not act like this is going to be a walkover.

There are about 1584 things that have me freaked out about this game. I’ll probably list three here:
1. Every opening weekend, there’s always a team that’s exposed as not being as good as you think.
I’m sorry, I can’t think of a better candidate than the Gamecocks. This is a team that was as about as middle of the road as you could possibly be statistically. Yes, I know that there are great players on the team. But as a team? Hooboy.

2. What happened the last time East Carolina played a game in Charlotte?
Don’t worry, if you don’t have the answer to that question—that’s what I’m here for! The game recap talks about that punt block, but I’m pretty sure Virginia Tech didn’t play very well either. The Pirates love to play wide open, wacky football. I’m sorry, that style will even give an almighty SEC team fits. Wait, the Gamecocks play in the SEC? You don’t say!

3. South Carolina at neutral sites: Ugh.
I’m running most of this off memory, but even then…it’s not pretty:
Chick-fil-A Bowl vs. Florida State: Loss
SEC Championship vs. Auburn: Unauthorized sodomy
Papa John’s Bowl vs. UConn: Loss
Outback Bowl vs. Iowa: Loss (but I ate some delicious macaroni that day!)
Liberty Bowl vs. Houston: Win!
Yes, most of these are bowl games. And unless you’re Mark Richt, your team is going to struggle at some point away from home. But ye gods, one out of five?? You cannot be serious!!! Anyway, my counselor tells me to go with my gut no matter what. I’m sure he probably wasn’t talking about this upcoming game vs. East Carolina, but that’s what I’m going to take it as! I’m sorry, y’all. This game is going to be a LOSS.

September 10: at Georgia
There’s not a trophy for this game, is there? Well, if Georgia and South Carolina lose their first game, we can dub this one the Panic Attack Bowl. If South Carolina goes 0-2, people will just say “Same ole Gamecocks.” (Well, I myself will go on a hunger strike, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves!) If Georgia goes 0-2?? Well, I will need to spruce up that resume to get Mark Richt’s job. He’s on some sort of hot seat as if Georgia has been a national power in the past twenty years. (That’s right, I said it!) Anyway, I do think that the Gamecocks will snap out of their malaise and not repeat the sins of 2009 (special teams gaffes, and Stephen Garcia ignoring wide open receivers to throw to a guy covered by 88 people). That’s right, this is a must win (overused football term: Drink!). So, yes, it will be a WIN.

September 17th: vs. Navy
The official home opener in the middle of September? What the hell is this, the NFL? When I used to play video games played NCAA Football 1997, I would always force my chosen team (the Gamecocks, mostly—a Heisman for Mike Davis, Sidney Rice AND my made up player Turd Furgeson, mind you) to play ranked opponents in the non conference slate. No way we’d fatten up against the Little Sisters of the Poor. That ain’t manly! So, I really don’t understand the need to play Navy. You’re a top 15 team! Play another ranked team!!! Like they say in Mortal Kombat: “TEST YOUR MIGHT!!” Anyway, I feel douchey enough to choose the Midshipmen, but this game is so payback for 1984: WIN

September 24th: vs. Vanderbilt
Well, Vanderbilt has this going for them: Their new coach is a tough son of of a gun. I’m almost certain that not many coaches would be tackling players who are in pads. So, way to get some toughness instilled, coach! Of course, that doesn’t say much for the team. But, that game in Nashville last year was close. And, well, Vanderbilt has won two out of the last four meetings against South Carolina. It’s okay, you can read that last line again. But anyway, it would be nice to end September on an upswing. So let’s call this one a WIN.

October 1st: vs. Auburn
Man, I really like Gene Chizik. I really, really do. His goal is to win championships. And, well, what’s wrong with that? I know that everyone is down on Auburn in general, but…why? We’re so confident that losing Cam Newton and Nick Fairley would make Auburn that much worse? Aren’t Michael Dyer (is that his name even?) and Gus Malzahm still there (I hope I’m butchering the spelling, actually)? I’ve been going back and forth on how this game will shake out. But, my respect for Auburn outweighs my fandom for the Gamecocks. Sorry, guys. This is going to be a LOSS. But maybe a close one!!

October 8th: vs. Kentucky
October 16, 2010. Never forget. Remember that time when Kentucky was ranked eighth in the country? Lost an important road game at South Carolina, and neither team really recovered? Oh, times were so simple then. Anyway, the hard part of the schedule hasn’t even happened yet, so a WIN here is absolutely necessary in order to not crap the bed on the season as a whole have some sort of, you know, momentum.

Guess who ran his mouth way too much!!! Gotta break this bad boy up. Click here for Part 2.


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Let’s go ahead and get one thing out of the way: I am not a fitness expert. You probably shouldn’t do anything I suggest in these posts without consulting either a trainer or a physician. So, with that disclaimer out of the way, YOU CAN’T SUE ME!

Unfortunately, I made a promise to keep churning out posts as if I’m getting paid or something. Okay, well maybe I didn’t make that specific promise. Anyway, one of the exercise moves that I enjoy the most is push ups. They work multiple parts of your body (triceps, back, shoulders, abs, biceps, and…your chest!). You don’t have to do them at the gym, and if you do them even kind of sometimes, you’re bound to see results. So, because I love push ups just as much as I love blogging, I’m introducing this week’s CAP (Crazy Ass Push Up)!!!

Honestly, I don’t know what to call this thing. I asked my trainer to give me a “challenging push up for my blog,” and her eyes lit up. That was probably not a good idea by yours truly. Anyway, this push up involves a BOSU ball and some sort of stepping…apparatus (You’re probably going to have to do this one at a gym). So, here are the steps, I think:
1. Start with your feet together, on the elevated…thingy, hands on the BOSU ball (see picture and

This really is harder than it looks. And yes, I know it looks hard.

2. Do a push up.
3. While up, take your feet off of elevated thingy, one foot at a time.
4. Repeat, let’s say….4 sets of 15. Or, 3 sets, one minute each.

Yeah, that's the end result. I think.

I guarantee if you give these push ups a shot, you’ll:
1. Hurt.
2. Get some definition in your upper body.

Got any suggestions for push ups that you’d like to see here? Would you rather me STFU about push ups in general? Leave a comment or email me at tbfilesblog[at]yahoo[dot]com

Fighting the Injury Bug

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Let’s go ahead and get one thing out of the way: I am not a fitness expert. You probably shouldn’t do anything I suggest in these posts without consulting either a trainer or a physician. So, with that disclaimer out of the way, YOU CAN’T SUE ME!

I really make it no secret that I work out a lot. A successful week for me is working out at least five times. I do a little of everything, from running to way too many push ups. In my mind, I enjoy working out so much because it’s one of the few things in life that I complete control over; I will get as much out as I put in. That’s pretty…simple.

Anyway, one drawback of being active is the possibility of getting hurt. I’m sure that all injuries are preventable, I’m just awkward and clumsy. And, well, I think I have mastered the skill of getting hurt:
-Four years ago, I fell off the treadmill at my then apartment complex, my knee hurt for about a month.
-While recovering from my wrist surgery, (purely cosmetic) I thought that lifting weights while Jillian Michaels motivated me would be a good idea. In a related story, my left shoulder was hurting the next day, and, uh, hasn’t really stopped since.
-I started a 10k training regimen, only to end up with knee pain that’s still a problem every now and then (tendonitis, apparently).
-After 3 weeks of physical therapy, I was cleared to start running again. Only to end up with a stress reaction in my left foot.

Now, I’m sure that I didn’t help my shoulder and knee by continuing to work out for another few months before going to the orthopedist. I was given a physical therapy plan, but I may or may not have missed every session but one a few sessions.

I suppose that this is my problem: If I feel well enough to give it a go, it doesn’t really matter what’s hurting. I was running on the treadmill today, and even though my knee was hurting, I kept on going. Hey, I can still run, so why not? I have a suffocating fear of not being able to work out freely, so I keep going because I can. (Somebody’s going to have some issues should he actually get hurt. Just maybe.) I’ve been trying to be better about it (I “was” following doctor’s orders of not running for a week up until my most recent date with the treadmill). But it’s hard to find a balance between staying safe and getting the most out of my workout. Of course, this could just be me (further proof that I’m just an odd muthaf****).

Anyone have any thoughts on this? What do you do in order to stay uninjured? If you feel something hurting while working out, do you stop? Do you keep going? Are you wishing that I would stop whining and suck it up?

As you may have already realized, I like long titles. Anyway, the 91st NFL season is right around the corner. That’s right, 91 seasons!!! The National Football League has been around almost long enough to become a revered South Carolina senator. Anyway, since the season is coming up, I figured that I would give my unfiltered, void of any real research thoughts on every team. Because that’s probably going to be a lot of words, I might as well break them up by division, right? Today, we’re rocking with the AFC East. Enjoy, mutha’uckas!

(Not listed in expected order of finish, because..frankly, I could care less how this division shakes out)

Miami Dolphins
I mean, this team is up there for most poorly run, right? Flash back to the end of last season. Stephen Ross tried hard to get Tony Sporano out of town (Let’s be honest, he seems to be a pretty crappy coach). He went after Jim Harbaugh, Jon Gruden, hell–I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried to place a call to Christine O’Donnell (ANYBODY but Sporano, right?). When that didn’t work out, Ross tried to make nice and have a press conference to announce that Sporano would remain the coach. Only thing is…Tony wanted no part of that (good for you, man!). Anyway, when your QB’s feelings are hurt because he’s getting booed, and your coach wouldn’t outright say that the team wouldn’t consider Brett Favre as an option, and when Serena Williams is part owner of your football team…well, that’s just dumb. Anyway, hard to like their chances with Henne at quarterback, playing in that dump in Miami Gardens, and, well, having a retarded dolphin as their logo. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

New York Jets
I know that Rex Ryan is an easy joke topic, but the man gets results, right? Two consecutive conference championship games. Undoubtedly running his mouth and (mostly) backing it up. Have any of the moves made since he’s been in town backfired (drafting Sanchez, LDT, Shon Greene, Cromartie, hell—even Jason Taylor made a relevant tackle or two)? His motto has been to win every game, which—well, it makes a hell of a lot of sense. Anyway, it’s hard to tell if it’s cool or uncool to be pro-Jets. But, when have they ever been consistently good? When did they ever have an era of success like New England/Indianapolis? While I’m not big on Plaxseed Oil as a relevant addition, it’s not like they lost anything relevant.

Buffalo Bills
Hey, those uniforms sure are pretty!!! That’s about as good as it gets for Buffalo. Also, I went to the game when the Panthers hosted Buffalo, and I liked the tenacity of their fans. See? TWO NICE THINGS!!! Anyway, the owner of the Bills is 943 years old, and they actually play a regular season game in Canada as a way to generate revenue. This is a franchise that is stuck in the past. I wonder if they think, “Well hey, we used to be good, so our old-time fans will always remember that, right?” Having Chan Gailey as your coach is a great idea…if he actually had a proven track record as a head coach (I do like the guy as a…guy. So that makes it three nice things, right?). Also, the Bills released/traded two guys that they made a major investment in—Aaron Maybin (0 sacks in two years, just as many as my mom had!) and Lee Evans. Stranger things have happened, I know. But the Bills as a legitimate playoff contender? Yeah, that would be a bit outrageous.

New England Patriots
Was last year a success for New England? 14-2, blowing out people with regularity at the end of the year, an MVP award for Tom Brady, all in a year that the team was supposed to be rebuilding.

But did you WATCH that playoff game vs. the Jets?

It wasn’t pretty. The Patriots were outplayed by a lot. Was that just a bad game? What about the previous year vs. Baltimore? Are we supposed to pretend that those games didn’t happen? Also, should I just assume that Chad Johnson and Albert Haynesworth will just fit in and actually improve the team? I know that the conventional thought is “yes”, but I really don’t have a lot of confidence about it. Of course, they’ve been playing at a pretty high level for the past 9 or ten years. It would have to stop at some point, right?

Thanks for reading! Be sure to check back up until the start of the NFL season as I babble about each team in the league. Hopefully I’ll have another one of these up by the end of the week.

The Transition, Pt 2

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In case you are late to the party, here’s part 1 of this post.

I’ve been stubborn with sticking to sports in this blog. Yes, there are plenty of things to write about involving sports. But, in a strange twist, I like other things! So, while I try to figure out what direction my life is taking me, what better way to try different things than to, um, write about them?

So, this post is basically a commitment. With the help of my sideblog (that term sounds so devious, doesn’t it?), I’m going to:
1. Write more. Five posts per week is the goal. I have tumblr on my phone, so it’s possible.
2. Continued themes. I’ll try more Figuring Me Out stuff, and keep doing the Sneakily Freaky Song of the Week
3. New themes! I exercise a lot. One of my favorite things is push ups. So, because I think that everyone should try to do things that could cause bodily harm every now and then, I’m introducing a weekly theme called CAPs (Crazy Ass Push Ups—h/t Meggen for this one). One ridiculous push up to try each week. And yes, there will be pictures.
4. Of course, I won’t forget about sports. That’s right, more live blogs! There’s still the Delusional 101 Gamecock Football Season Preview, and Also Lots of Words About Each NFL team NFL Preview. That’s right, I’m bringing it.
5. Other fitness stuff, mostly about running and eating fried chicken right after my runs other maybe relevant exercise stuff.
6. And, hell. I live in a college town in the midst of like 81 beaches. That’s a running theme on it’s own…right?

So, I’m excited (and I mean that!) about these changes. I’m also looking forward to sticking to a plan (that’s easier said than done too, yanno). I hope that you continue to read, comment, and if you’re feeling frisky enough…email (tbfilesblog[at]yahoo[dot]com) me about my posts or things that you’d like to see. I’m a blogger for the people. Even if all those people reside in the same house in Florence, South Carolina. Thanks for sticking with me, and I hope you continue to do so in the future.