The Transition, Pt 2

Posted: August 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

In case you are late to the party, here’s part 1 of this post.

I’ve been stubborn with sticking to sports in this blog. Yes, there are plenty of things to write about involving sports. But, in a strange twist, I like other things! So, while I try to figure out what direction my life is taking me, what better way to try different things than to, um, write about them?

So, this post is basically a commitment. With the help of my sideblog (that term sounds so devious, doesn’t it?), I’m going to:
1. Write more. Five posts per week is the goal. I have tumblr on my phone, so it’s possible.
2. Continued themes. I’ll try more Figuring Me Out stuff, and keep doing the Sneakily Freaky Song of the Week
3. New themes! I exercise a lot. One of my favorite things is push ups. So, because I think that everyone should try to do things that could cause bodily harm every now and then, I’m introducing a weekly theme called CAPs (Crazy Ass Push Ups—h/t Meggen for this one). One ridiculous push up to try each week. And yes, there will be pictures.
4. Of course, I won’t forget about sports. That’s right, more live blogs! There’s still the Delusional 101 Gamecock Football Season Preview, and Also Lots of Words About Each NFL team NFL Preview. That’s right, I’m bringing it.
5. Other fitness stuff, mostly about running and eating fried chicken right after my runs other maybe relevant exercise stuff.
6. And, hell. I live in a college town in the midst of like 81 beaches. That’s a running theme on it’s own…right?

So, I’m excited (and I mean that!) about these changes. I’m also looking forward to sticking to a plan (that’s easier said than done too, yanno). I hope that you continue to read, comment, and if you’re feeling frisky enough…email (tbfilesblog[at]yahoo[dot]com) me about my posts or things that you’d like to see. I’m a blogger for the people. Even if all those people reside in the same house in Florence, South Carolina. Thanks for sticking with me, and I hope you continue to do so in the future.

  1. SO thanks for the recap as way up here in Ohio and not much of a facebooker, I rarely know what is going on with you. Lots of changes since we last talked but it looks like you are undetermined on whether they were for the better or not. And now that your blog will be more about you and less about sports (you know I am not a fan) you have 1 more follower. Hope you always feel the love from Ohio even if we don’t chat regularly.

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