Fighting the Injury Bug

Posted: August 24, 2011 in Exercise, Fitness, Lifestyle

Let’s go ahead and get one thing out of the way: I am not a fitness expert. You probably shouldn’t do anything I suggest in these posts without consulting either a trainer or a physician. So, with that disclaimer out of the way, YOU CAN’T SUE ME!

I really make it no secret that I work out a lot. A successful week for me is working out at least five times. I do a little of everything, from running to way too many push ups. In my mind, I enjoy working out so much because it’s one of the few things in life that I complete control over; I will get as much out as I put in. That’s pretty…simple.

Anyway, one drawback of being active is the possibility of getting hurt. I’m sure that all injuries are preventable, I’m just awkward and clumsy. And, well, I think I have mastered the skill of getting hurt:
-Four years ago, I fell off the treadmill at my then apartment complex, my knee hurt for about a month.
-While recovering from my wrist surgery, (purely cosmetic) I thought that lifting weights while Jillian Michaels motivated me would be a good idea. In a related story, my left shoulder was hurting the next day, and, uh, hasn’t really stopped since.
-I started a 10k training regimen, only to end up with knee pain that’s still a problem every now and then (tendonitis, apparently).
-After 3 weeks of physical therapy, I was cleared to start running again. Only to end up with a stress reaction in my left foot.

Now, I’m sure that I didn’t help my shoulder and knee by continuing to work out for another few months before going to the orthopedist. I was given a physical therapy plan, but I may or may not have missed every session but one a few sessions.

I suppose that this is my problem: If I feel well enough to give it a go, it doesn’t really matter what’s hurting. I was running on the treadmill today, and even though my knee was hurting, I kept on going. Hey, I can still run, so why not? I have a suffocating fear of not being able to work out freely, so I keep going because I can. (Somebody’s going to have some issues should he actually get hurt. Just maybe.) I’ve been trying to be better about it (I “was” following doctor’s orders of not running for a week up until my most recent date with the treadmill). But it’s hard to find a balance between staying safe and getting the most out of my workout. Of course, this could just be me (further proof that I’m just an odd muthaf****).

Anyone have any thoughts on this? What do you do in order to stay uninjured? If you feel something hurting while working out, do you stop? Do you keep going? Are you wishing that I would stop whining and suck it up?

  1. As a person who lives in chronic agonizing misery everyday. Stretch!! Even in the shower, just going on your toes and back down several times, can cut down on the foot and ankle pain (suggested by my orthopedist) Don’t lock your knees, EVER!!!! a horrible habit of mine may feel awkward but practice standing with your knees slightly bent. Well that is all the wisdom I have for what it is worth, you are pretty clumsy, but love ya anyway 🙂

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