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Because, I think you need something to read this evening!

So, I felt compelled to write an MLB preview for the regular season. You may have read it. Now that the season is over, I thought it would be fun to look at the questions I asked, and try to come up with some answers. Just wait until we get to those predictions!!!

1. Is this the Year of the Pitcher again?
Well, ESPN would have you believe that this is the Year of the QB. But, MLB pitchers did quite well also. There were 16 pitchers who finished with an earned run average below three, 20 pitchers who finished with at least 15 wins, 3 pitchers who finished with a WHIP (walks and hits per innings pitched) below 1, (that’s absolutely amazing) 14 pitchers who recorded at least 200 strikeouts, and (let me get nerdy) 11 pitchers with an FIP below three, and 15 pitchers who had a WAR of at least five. So, the answer to this question was yes. A big YES, even. Also, Justin Verlander (AL) and Clayton Kershaw (NL—you may have seen his name in my preview) won the pitching Triple Crown (led in wins, ERA and strikeouts) for their respective leagues. That’s pretty impressive.

2. Is it time for instant replay in baseball?
Sure, why not? I think if you mention the name Jerry Meals to Pirates fans, they might either deck you or start sobbing. There were some pretty horrific calls throughout the season, but the call by Meals is one that sticks out a little more than the others. I’m not sure how it can be implemented in a way that works, but I’m sure it’s coming. Again, I’m sorry, Pirates fans.

3. How much is Albert Pujols worth?
Well, I think we’re about to find out. He just missed hitting .300/30/100 (that’s average/HRs/RBI for those of you who didn’t know) for the 35th year in a row. (Or something close to that) The Cardinals just made the playoffs, which gives him a chance to further increase his contract demands.

(By the way, I have to give credit to the St. Louis Cardinals. Everyone and their mistress’s mother counted them out once Adam Wainwright was sidelined for the season (before it started). And, well, they looked out of it at the beginning of the month. But Lance Berkman had a great year, and Pujols came back from a broken wrist…and, they’re in the playoffs. Remarkable job.)

I think the verdict is in on Pujols. If Carl Crawford can get a bazillion dollar contract, Pujols will probably get a kajillion. I think that’s more than a bazillion. Can someone check that for me?

4. Do the Braves qualify for the Ewing Theory now that Bobby Cox is no longer the manager?
Well, uh, no. I think you had a number of things (offensive struggles, starters who could not “eat” innings, (they’d probably taste like Cracker Jack and hot dogs. Who wouldn’t want that?) an overworked bullpen, and a Cardinals team that played well while the Braves didn’t) that led to the Braves missing the playoffs. Though, you could make the case that this team backed into the postseason last year. So, the Ewing Theory turned out to be a bit of a stretch. One can only hope that the Braves will be eager to not play like they did in September, and carry that sense of urgency throughout next season.

5. Now, how about those predictions?
What I Got Right: The Nationals did have a better record than the Orioles. The Nationals finished 80-81. The Orioles? 69-93. BOOMSHAKALAKA!
What I Got Wrong: Everything else! Terry Francona as Manager of the Year? Not so much. Brad Emaus as Rookie of the Year? Uh, I don’t think he even played much this year. Braves over the Yankees in the World Series? LOLOLOLOLOL.

So, okay. My predictions turned out pretty horribly. But that’s the beauty of sports—you’re not supposed to know! I’m looking forward to the playoffs, even if it’s only for the bunting. This season had a lot of twists and turns, which means that the playoffs themselves will likely be pretty boring and anti-climactic. Sorry, folks!


Welcome to the debut (and with my track record, probably the one and only) What If(?) Wednesdays! Something that fits the bill of an explanation can be found here. I’m always asking “What if?” Mostly, it’s about sports. So, we’ll keep it at that for the time being.

HBC's shirts > Skip Holtz's shirts

Okay kids, let’s take a trip back to 1998. (It was a tough time for your boy. I had really huge glasses, bad haircuts, and I wore out shoes so badly that they were literally talking as I walked.) The South Carolina Gamecocks had just hired Lou Holtz to become the head coach of the football team. Allegedly, there was a cause in Lou’s contract that Skip Holtz would succeed Lou as head coach when Lou retired. Of course, that didn’t work out so well. But, what if it did? Seriously, what if Skip Holtz had become the head coach (and not Steve Spurrier)? Is the answer so simple?

Now, allow me to fact check myself: After the 2003 season, Skip Holtz was demoted from his position of offensive coordinator (sources say that he spent the final season as the guy who got Cocky into his outfit). So, it would have been extremely unlikely that the whole “coach in waiting” plan would still be in effect after a change like that was made. Of course, this is why we’re doing the “What If?” game in the first place!

Well, for one thing, I think the actual news of the coaching change wouldn’t have been so mishandled. Believe it or not, there was a time where we didn’t always know what would happen before it was announced (Oh, the good ole days of 2004. There was no Twitter, and you couldn’t post status updates on Facebook). Anyway, it wasn’t supposed to be known that South Carolina had agreed to a contract with Steve Spurrier. it turns out that a source leaked the information to a Tennessee paper, and that was that. I remember asking Mike Douchebag McGee (the then athletic director) about the information getting out before they wanted it to, (for a story I was doing) and…surprise surprise, he didn’t want to talk about it. Had the succession plan gone into place, I think that the chance of any information leaking beforehand would have been extremely low. So, things would have been a little more smooth when it came to the actual transition.

I decided to do some number crunching. I’m going to throw some records at you:
Coach A: 50-32, 31-16 (in conference games) since 2005
Coach B: 49-33, 25-25 (in conference games) since 2005
The overall records are pretty identical. Who are these coaches?

Well, Coach A is Skip Holtz at Connecticut and South Florida. Coach B is Steve Spurrier at South Carolina. Other than the conference record, they’re rather identical. Now, before you start the “But Skip’s not coaching in the almighty SEC!” talk, just realize that, um, I know that. 49-33 is indeed one of the best stretches that the Gamecocks have ever had (Of course, that statement alone is pretty pathetic. But I digress.). Knowing the success that Skip Holtz has had in the time that the HBC has been in charge, it’s not entirely impossible that Skip Holtz would have a similar record in the same time frame.

Now, this isn’t to take anything away from Steve Spurrier. He’s upgraded the facilities, he’s excited the fan base, and he has players who have bought into the team mentality. He also has his own line of clothing. Take that, Bill Belichick! But given the success that Skip Holtz has had, I think that it’s at least a question that you can ask (and not seem like an idiot. Well, at least not like a total idiot).

What are your thoughts? Would South Carolina be better/worse off, or about the same, if Skip Holtz had succeeded his father as head coach?

I could sit here and commit to doing multiple posts about the Gamecocks, but we know that’s not going to happen. I do plan to periodically post about the pulse of the team on a semi regular basis. Of course, since I’ve already done one all South Carolina post, this could fulfill my requirement.

Say what you will, but this will probably be the play of the season.

Before we begin, I should let you let me have it. You may recall that I had the Gamecocks pegged to lose their first game against East Carolina. For what it’s worth, that was a bold call. And admit it: You were scared shitless when the lead for East Carolina grew to 17. You were also terrified when the Pirates were up 24-14. Yours truly was ready to write the epithet for this game after seeing four turnovers in the first half (And, I was justly called out for doing so).

But, of course, ECU decided to get cute and commit their own mistakes, and South Carolina did what good teams do—take advantage of opportunities. Sure, giving up 37 points is not ideal, but considering that it took ECU 56 pass attempts to get 260 yards, you have to feel good about the, uh, efficiency. Anyway, I should own up to being dead wrong. That win says a lot about resiliency of the Gamecocks. And let’s be honest, that’s not a word you could use for this team before. So, I will gladly eat crow here, and realize that maybe this team will be awesome after all.

Anyway, I’ve “watched” most of the first two games of the season, and there have been a few things that have stuck out to me the most. I want to say that I have a finite number of topics to throw out, but I’m a man who’s not about limits. Anyway, here’s what I’ve noticed thus far.

1. Marcus Lattimore is somehow underrated.
If you were to ask someone who is the best player in college football right now, many of them will mention Andrew Luck. (I’m not saying that they’re wrong, but let’s be honest—if you’re tall, white, and play quarterback with at least a lick of common sense, you’ll be loved in college football. More on that later, maybe) I watched one of the ESPN analysts talk about his incredible balance. I thought, “Man, this is one play. Surely that was an irrelevant fact, right?” Well, the game against Georgia showed off his balance and then some. He also has an insane ability to always fall forward. He is supremely a running back. There’s not a lot of flash to his game, but let’s be honest, the flashy guys don’t last very long anyway (Unless you’re Barry Sanders). It’s almost like you look away for a second, and then…boom, Marcus has 150 yards rushing. It’s truly a special thing.

2. Stephen Garcia won’t get it done playing like this.
Well, maybe he will? I mean, did you think that the Gamecocks would have 5198 defensive and special teams touchdowns? (It’s possible that the actual number could be slightly exaggerated.) Anyway, take a look at his stats. If you start weeping, that’s okay. He’s not completing half of his passes, which is waaaaaayyyy down from what he did last year. Also, if you looked at some of those passes, they were way off. Not even close. That’s…not good. The decent QBs are completing at least 65 percent of their passes (Okay, maybe 62). Also, the interceptions won’t cut it later in the season (Of course, they still could—at this point, what’s the hardest game…at Arkansas?). Sure, he made two great throws (one for a TD to Alshon Jeffrey, another a key conversion to Ace Sanders). But, at some point, opponents will key against the run. Will Mr. Garcia be bologna or filet (courtesy ESPN First Take)? Unfortunately, the jury is still out.

3. The coaching staff BELIEVES in this team
Sure, Steve Spurrier seems to like his “Aw, shucks, we’ll see what happens out there.” strategy for the media (which really drives yours truly up the wall, but this post isn’t ALL about me). But think about it. He purposely held out Stephen Garcia, probably knowing that it was Stephen who gave the team the best chance to win. Of course, I’m sure he didn’t think that:
1. Connor Shaw would be so ridiculously flat
2. That Garcia would bring so much energy to the team and the crowd. I mean, the players practiced too. So, shouldn’t they have shown a little more confidence with Connor Shaw leading the offense?

But that pales in comparison to the move pulled off in the second quarter of the Georgia game. Facing a fourth down, the punt team came out. Well, I’m pretty sure that Melvin Ingram is not always the upback. (Don’t worry, I’m looking out for you. A quick explanation on the upman for those of you that were wondering.) I mentioned this on Twitter when it happened, but usually, “trick” plays (I have a problem with calling them trick plays because NOBODY’S BEING TRICKED. All the stuff is still happening on the field!) are usually a last gasp sort of thing. Teams pull them out when they think there’s no chance. (Pull them out—DRINK!) But having your 275 lb defensive tackle as the upman, who takes the snap and runs for a touchdown? That’s an Eff You, folks. The coaching staff made this call because they knew they were going to win this game. No other way to put it. That’s a trust and level of confidence that I just haven’t seen before. (Sure, it helps when you have great players) If the coaches believe in the players, then the players will believe in themselves. And if the players believe in themselves, well…I think you get the point.

4. The defense…uh, um…
Sure, a win is a win. But when you’ve given up 79 points in two games…that’s not very good!!! I think the Seattle Mariners have scored a total of 79 runs all year, and they’ve played over 140 games! Anyway, it’s hard to deny that there are playmakers on the defensive side for this team (Melvin Ingram, Jadeveon Clowney, sometimes Stephon Gilmore, et al). And there have been big plays made. But…Aaron Murray had a pretty good day minus the turnovers, (Jerry Jones could not be reached for comment) and Isiah Crowell ran wild. While you want to believe that things will pipe down for the defense, it’s going to be hard to expect 21 points off of special teams and turnovers each game. And, with Navy coming to welcome the team home Saturday, this would be a good time to get things in order (last I checked, Navy was pretty good at running the football). And let’s be honest for a minute: Has there been any time where you could remember a stretch of consistently good defensive play by South Carolina? It sure would be a good time to start.

5. This is not a “me first” team.
I am a self-proclaimed “old school/old guard” guy when it comes to sports (Of course, the fact that I have to stretch twice a day just to avoid knee pain probably just makes me OLD). One thing that annoys me to no end is when players get all boastful after making a tackle/first down/mildly significant play. (I also hate standing at home plate to watch your home run and the designated hitter—but hey, that’s just me) Anyway, that’s not what you see with these guys. Hell, Marcus Lattimore is so gracious that I think his demeanor would be illegal in at lest 15 countries. Even after coming in and pretty much saving the day, Stephen Garcia was munching down on the humble pie after the game. Melvin Ingram seemingly shrugged off the fact that he made three sensational plays (the fake punt, picking up the fumble recovery, and recovering the onside kick by Georgia). I’m not saying that you should never celebrate. But this team as a whole seems focused. That’s a BIG deal.

So, what do these five things mean? Should we all start booking our trips to New Orleans? Are the shortcomings just a recipe for disaster (that road trip to Starkville, Knoxville and Fayetville is not only going to be a Redneckpalooza, but those will be tough games)? It’s too early to tell. But with what this team has done so far, but you have to like what you see if you’re a Gamecock fan. Let’s just hope that this isn’t all thrown out of the window this Saturday. (No, that wasn’t a jinx)

It’s the start of another NFL season. OF COURSE I’M DOING A DAMN LIVE BLOG TONIGHT!!! You know the drill. We go on all game, with a little bit of college (Oklahoma State-Arizona), tennis, (US Open) baseball, (Mets-Braves) and maybe even some Jersey Shore. So, sit tight and enjoy, fools!

Brees! Rodgers! It's the NFL on NBC!!

8:42 pm: And we are ¡EEEEENNNNNNNNNNNNNN VIVOOOO! from the House Formerly Known as The ManZone. Aaron Rodgers just completed a pass to the NFL’s best player, Jordy Nelson.

8:43 pm: And don’t worry, the is in effect for tonight. And every night! (That there’s a football game)

8:45 pm: I don’t know why Chris Collinsworth is acting like he doesn’t recognize the LEGENDARY greatness of Jordy Nelson. Act like you know, man!

8:46 pm: In other news, today Meggen and I went to Darlington to give blood…so that we could ride a couple of laps in a pace car around the track. That’s what fun people do, obviously.

8:51 pm: And the Saints seem intent on keeping the tradition of the home team winning these kickoff games alive…

8:54 pm: If you can name the colleges that these players went to before they name them in the video introductions…congratulations! You need to get a life.

8:56 pm: Random, yet relevant tweet from SC_DougFarrar: “If you’re playng zone defense, it really helps if everyone wearing the same uniform agrees with you.”

8:57 pm: And suddenly, I realize that eating a large sub from Firehouse Subs was probably not the best idea. Might need to call in the bullpen to finish this post.

8:58 pm: Chris Collinsworth just noted that the Saints don’t seem to have an answer for Jermichael Finley. Did they not know he was playing?

9:00 pm: Got an alert on my ESPN Fantasy Football app that someone on my bench was projected to score more than Jordy Nelson this week. How dare they question the legendary greatness of that guy? I mean, c’mon guys!!!

9:02 pm: More Jordy news: Apparently I hurt my tibia doing jump lunges with a shoulder press. I mean, how could something like that happen?

9:03 pm: Olin Kruetz plays for the Saints now? Oh my!

9:04 pm: You know it’s football season when the commentators are making up emotions for the players. How does Al Michaels KNOW that Darren Sproles is frustrated?

9:08 pm: Drew Brees with a beautiful pass to Robert Meachem for the touchdown. Wait, there’s another solid quarterback in this game? Next thing you’ll tell me is that the Saints won the Super Bowl two years ago.

9:11 pm: Okay, NFL. Let’s admit that this kicking off from the 35 was a stupid idea. There’s no such thing as safety when all these guys are fast, muscle bound, and weight more than 200 pounds. So, just let them knock each other out!

9:14 pm: Lots of hubbub about the Saints holding offseason workouts even while the lockout was going on. Well, I suppose that the Packers had to be working on something, right?

9:15 pm: Thank God that Randall Cobb is no longer at Kentucky to end up wide open in the end zone vs. the Gamecocks terrorize SEC defenses.

9:17 pm: I’ll tell you this much though: Randall Cobb will get enough of diving into the end zone like that.

9:19 pm: Nice to see that Al Michaels is talking about things that I mentioned five minutes ago. Is he reading my live blog?

9:21 pm: Random, yet stupid tweet courtesy of jimrome: “Yeah, I don’t think Aaron Rodgers liked all that “The Eagles are the Dream Team” talk.” Yeah, the only person who referred to the Eagles as A “dream team” was Vince Young. Who plays on the team. Who also scored a -51 on the Wonderlic. So excuse him for making statements that aren’t THAT smart. People ran that “dream team” quote into the fucking ground. Seriously? STOP HYPE MONGERING, PLEASE. It’s not okay for Vince Young to say that this was a team that most players would dream to be on? Pretty sure that’s what he meant.

9:24 pm: Do these secondaries really suck, or are these quarterbacks pretty damn good? Extremely impressive throw on the move by Drew Brees.

9:28 pm: BREAKING NEWS—Mark Ingram won the Heisman Trophy while at Alabama.

9:28 pm: Where the hell is Michelle Tafoya? Shouldn’t she be finding out why the Saints players keep slipping down on this side of the field? Or is she putting in more hairspray?

9:33 pm: I couldn’t watch Jon Kasay and his giant legs kick that field goal for the Saints. It hurts too much.

9:35 pm: Meanwhile, on ESPN…Lou Holtz is drooling all over the place. And seductive moves by the cheerleaders during the halftime show!!! Oh my!

9:38 pm: And, well, the Saints are back in the game. Darren Sproles was just untouched going into the end zone. Some defensive points if you have the Saints D!!

9:41 pm: Even Eminem and Nate Dogg can’t get me excited about a movie about…robots boxing.

9:42 pm: Guess who just realized that he has Darren Sproles on the bench on his fantasy team??

9:44 pm: Michelle finally said something about the players slipping. Of course, what’s on the field could just be her hairspray.

9:47 pm: Donald Driver would be that annoying parent who posts any and everything about his wife’s pregnancy on Facebook. I’m sorry, yes. I went there. Congratulations to his family, though. (I mean that!)

9:50 pm: I love it when both teams are pointing at each other after a false start/offsides penalty. Y’all can’t both be right!!

9:52 pm: I’ve watched way too much football when I’m saying, “Man, Scott Shanle should pull up his damn pants.”

9:53 pm: Flips channel to Sportsouth. Sees a Kay Jewelers engagement ring commercial. Flips channel back. Too soon, guys. Tooooooo soon.

9:54 pm: My fantasy football team names—the Hip Hop Hippopotamuses, (where Aaron Rodgers is my QB) the Cape Fear Carpet Munchers, and the LiLo (for Lindsay Lohan, obviously) Labias. Lots of female body parts involved

9:55 pm: Maybe Collinsworth is watching a different game. That ball would have been very tough to intercept. Alas, the Packers score a touchdown on the ground.

9:58 pm: Meanwhile, in Flushing Meadows…Roger Federer is one of the few tennis players that doesn’t make a sound when he’s hitting the ball. He’s also won 16 major championships. So, yeah.

9:59 pm: I do appreciate how John McEnroe is well on the point with his analysis. He never really gives any fluff. What a novel idea!

10:03 pm: Back to Green Bay! Saints out of timeouts, 3rd and 2 in their territory…and Brees connects with Darren Sproles for a nice conversion. They know how to play football too??

10:04 pm: Very nice PBU by Eric Walden. Because Jimmy Graham was going to catch that ball and run for a little bit.

10:07 pm: I think the ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown show has a few too many guys. Just sayin.

10:12 pm: Well, it’s halftime. If you cared about the score, the Packers are leading 28-17. Of course, that’s if you actually cared about the game.

10:19 pm: Meanwhile, in Stillwater…why in the world are they talking to T. Boone Pickens about…anything? ALL HE DOES IS GIVE MONEY.

10:22 pm: Meanwhile, in Flushing Meadows…Nice job by Tsonga to ward off the buzzsaw that is Roger Federer. Got a break back. Like I know what that means.

10:26 pm: And it’s back to football in Green Bay. If I say that ever again, you have my permission to come punch me in the face.

10:29 pm: Random, yet relevant tweet from TFG_Wiseguy: “You know what they say, defense wins championships”

10:31 pm: And, almost on cue..a huge 3rd down sack by the Packers.

10:34 pm: The Saints sure do know how to not tackle. Tremendous return by Randall Cobb.

10:37 pm: And, this Playboy Club series looks pretty stupid. Yup.

10:42 pm: Al Michaels found a very fancy way to say that Devery Henderson never stepped out of bounds. “There was just a little sliver of green…” Shut up. 35-27, Packers. Shout out to whoever took the over!

10:45 pm: Man, there are going to be a lot of crappy new shows on this fall. Good thing football’s back!

10:51 pm: Meanwhile, in Queens…the Braves were able to sweep the doubleheader from the Mets. And it was done in front of about 14 fans.

10:53 pm: Don’t worry, Charles Woodson will get a $500,000 fine for throwing that punch.

11:03 pm: It’s hard out here for a blogger! Geez, 35-27 Green Bay at the end of the 3rd quarter. New Orleans went for it on 4th and inches inside the ten. Which has me thinking that Lane Kiffin is calling the plays.

11:07 pm: Meanwhile…in Flushing Meadows, Roger Federer just whiffed big time on returning a Tsonga serve. Of course, Tsonga returns the favor by double faulting away a break point that Roger had. Way to stay in the game, buddy!

11:09 pm: Federer is now serving for the match. Did you know that he’s been in seven straight US Open semifinals? Better yet, did you care?

11:12 pm: After blowing the Wimbeldon quarterfinal vs. Tsonga, Roger returns the favor by laying the smackdown 6-4, 6-3 and 6-3.

11:13 pm: Meanwhile, in Green Bay…apparently the Packers scored a touchdown while I was watching tennis. Oh, bummer.

11:15 pm: Big play by the Packers defense. But Chris Collinsworth just praised one of the defensive backs for Green Bay who, in the previous play, led with his head to make a tackle. Because, that’s smart and all.

11:24 pm: Meanwhile, the Saints just figured out that it’s okay to try, and succeed, at tackling Aaron Rodgers.

11:25 pm: Somewhat sorry about the delay. I just spent three minutes watching Nikki Haley talk to Greta van Sustren. Say what you want about the lady’s politics. She’s the best looking politician on this planet.

11:27 pm: Truth be told: I don’t remember a damn thing she said.

11:28 pm: 42-27, Packers. There is not plenty of time. The Saints have tackled the Packers like 2.4 times all game.

11:30 pm: Tonight’s Horse Trailer Player of the Game: Michelle Tafoya’s hairspray. Causing problems all night!

11:31 pm: Of course, just in case you didn’t see enough replays of Williams’s arm bending the wrong way, NBC just had it in super slow mo!!

11:32 pm: Chris Collinsworth said that they would have a full report on the injury as soon as information was available. That’s assuming that Michelle is still at the stadium, even.

11:34 pm: And…at 11:34 pm, we get our first LASER throw and catch of the season. Many more to come, I hope. Unless you’re watching the Panthers.

11:35 pm: TERRIFIC play design by the Saints there. Quick pump, fake the run, TE leak out to the flat, he’s wide the fuck open. I just got aroused from that.

11:44 pm: Of course, the question in my mind is…how does Green Bay blow this?

11:46 pm: And on the LAST PLAY of the game…are we about to get a pass interference call in the end zone?!!?

11:49 pm: And this wild ass football game ends…on a goal line stand. We go from 2011 to 1951 on one play!

11:51 pm: 42-34, Packers. Nice job by the Packers on keeping the gas to the floor throughout most of the game. Decent job by New Orleans to battle back…but those boys need to learn how to tackle. You can question the two short yardage calls by Sean Payton, but hey…he’s probably going to call about 1,000 plays this year? Can’t really get our panties in a wad about two that didn’t go their way. Very entertaining game. And…Michelle Tafoya is back doing her job! Missed you all game. Not really. Thanks for reading, folks!!!

I just practiced my dance for the College Gameday theme song. I gave myself an eight out of ten. Rounding into form, folks!!!

I touched on this briefly in a post last year, but since this is the first full slate of games, why not make it worth your time to drink with a purpose??? Here is a quick list of reasons to actually take a drink while you’re watching games today, or throughout the season:

1. When a coach challenges a play
2. Generic football phrases (e.g. ‘point of attack,’ ‘when you look at/talk about’, ‘physical’, ‘downhill runner’)
3. When the quarterback licks his fingers
4. When Lee Corso says, “Not so fast, my friend”
5. DirecTV NFL commercials
6. Any mention or sighting of Matt Jones
7. Any mention of Brett Favre
8. Lou Holtz pep talks or Dr. Lou sessions
9. Sexual phrases (e.g. “Their deepest penetration of the night”)
10. Shirtless fan shots

Feel free to add other suggestions for this drinking game! And, please don’t drive if you actually plan on doing this with any regularity. Enjoy the games!!!

CAPs Thursday!!

Posted: September 1, 2011 in Exercise, Fitness, Lifestyle

Let’s go ahead and get one thing out of the way: I am not a fitness expert. You probably shouldn’t do anything I suggest in these posts without consulting either a trainer or a physician. So, with that disclaimer out of the way, YOU CAN’T SUE ME!

So, last week’s push up had you using other apparatuses. That’s not fair!!!! So, I decided to give you a break this week. This push up involves using your legs a little, and holding your position for a change. I don’t really have a name for it, but I suppose I can call it The Twist.

The Twist

Do those shorts make my butt look big?

1. Start in a full plank position (not that stupid thing that sadly swept the country, this
2. Go down in a push up motion, but bring your left leg up to where your foot is in the air, knee slightly bent, and your body twists.

Apparently, it's all in the hips.

3. Hold that position for, say…five seconds, then push back up into a normal push(ed) up position.
4. Repeat with opposite leg. Do this exercise for one minute, three sets.

This push up really isn’t that difficult, but it does take a lot of discipline. I think it works your shoulders a little more than normal push ups, and there’s the extra benefit of working your love handles. Worth a try if you’re into the wacky shit like I am if you’re looking for something different.