The Football DRANKIN game.

Posted: September 3, 2011 in Football, NCAA, NFL, Sports
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I just practiced my dance for the College Gameday theme song. I gave myself an eight out of ten. Rounding into form, folks!!!

I touched on this briefly in a post last year, but since this is the first full slate of games, why not make it worth your time to drink with a purpose??? Here is a quick list of reasons to actually take a drink while you’re watching games today, or throughout the season:

1. When a coach challenges a play
2. Generic football phrases (e.g. ‘point of attack,’ ‘when you look at/talk about’, ‘physical’, ‘downhill runner’)
3. When the quarterback licks his fingers
4. When Lee Corso says, “Not so fast, my friend”
5. DirecTV NFL commercials
6. Any mention or sighting of Matt Jones
7. Any mention of Brett Favre
8. Lou Holtz pep talks or Dr. Lou sessions
9. Sexual phrases (e.g. “Their deepest penetration of the night”)
10. Shirtless fan shots

Feel free to add other suggestions for this drinking game! And, please don’t drive if you actually plan on doing this with any regularity. Enjoy the games!!!

  1. zenlizzie says:

    11. Clear mental manipulation of players for coach’s amusement.
    12. Sad crowd shots after underdog loses the lead.
    13. Misspelled signs.
    14. Racist and/or illegal mascot imagery.
    15. Poorly produced commercial for colleges.

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