Because, I think you need something to read this evening!

So, I felt compelled to write an MLB preview for the regular season. You may have read it. Now that the season is over, I thought it would be fun to look at the questions I asked, and try to come up with some answers. Just wait until we get to those predictions!!!

1. Is this the Year of the Pitcher again?
Well, ESPN would have you believe that this is the Year of the QB. But, MLB pitchers did quite well also. There were 16 pitchers who finished with an earned run average below three, 20 pitchers who finished with at least 15 wins, 3 pitchers who finished with a WHIP (walks and hits per innings pitched) below 1, (that’s absolutely amazing) 14 pitchers who recorded at least 200 strikeouts, and (let me get nerdy) 11 pitchers with an FIP below three, and 15 pitchers who had a WAR of at least five. So, the answer to this question was yes. A big YES, even. Also, Justin Verlander (AL) and Clayton Kershaw (NL—you may have seen his name in my preview) won the pitching Triple Crown (led in wins, ERA and strikeouts) for their respective leagues. That’s pretty impressive.

2. Is it time for instant replay in baseball?
Sure, why not? I think if you mention the name Jerry Meals to Pirates fans, they might either deck you or start sobbing. There were some pretty horrific calls throughout the season, but the call by Meals is one that sticks out a little more than the others. I’m not sure how it can be implemented in a way that works, but I’m sure it’s coming. Again, I’m sorry, Pirates fans.

3. How much is Albert Pujols worth?
Well, I think we’re about to find out. He just missed hitting .300/30/100 (that’s average/HRs/RBI for those of you who didn’t know) for the 35th year in a row. (Or something close to that) The Cardinals just made the playoffs, which gives him a chance to further increase his contract demands.

(By the way, I have to give credit to the St. Louis Cardinals. Everyone and their mistress’s mother counted them out once Adam Wainwright was sidelined for the season (before it started). And, well, they looked out of it at the beginning of the month. But Lance Berkman had a great year, and Pujols came back from a broken wrist…and, they’re in the playoffs. Remarkable job.)

I think the verdict is in on Pujols. If Carl Crawford can get a bazillion dollar contract, Pujols will probably get a kajillion. I think that’s more than a bazillion. Can someone check that for me?

4. Do the Braves qualify for the Ewing Theory now that Bobby Cox is no longer the manager?
Well, uh, no. I think you had a number of things (offensive struggles, starters who could not “eat” innings, (they’d probably taste like Cracker Jack and hot dogs. Who wouldn’t want that?) an overworked bullpen, and a Cardinals team that played well while the Braves didn’t) that led to the Braves missing the playoffs. Though, you could make the case that this team backed into the postseason last year. So, the Ewing Theory turned out to be a bit of a stretch. One can only hope that the Braves will be eager to not play like they did in September, and carry that sense of urgency throughout next season.

5. Now, how about those predictions?
What I Got Right: The Nationals did have a better record than the Orioles. The Nationals finished 80-81. The Orioles? 69-93. BOOMSHAKALAKA!
What I Got Wrong: Everything else! Terry Francona as Manager of the Year? Not so much. Brad Emaus as Rookie of the Year? Uh, I don’t think he even played much this year. Braves over the Yankees in the World Series? LOLOLOLOLOL.

So, okay. My predictions turned out pretty horribly. But that’s the beauty of sports—you’re not supposed to know! I’m looking forward to the playoffs, even if it’s only for the bunting. This season had a lot of twists and turns, which means that the playoffs themselves will likely be pretty boring and anti-climactic. Sorry, folks!


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