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This is probably the best picture I could find. Kinda cool, eh?

While my job involves taking calls for a cell phone company, I wouldn’t really call myself an expert. So, please take all of what I’m saying with a grain of salt. So, there.

So, by the time you’re reading this post, (probably) I will have become an official user of an iPhone. I’ve been using Android phones (specifically the ‘Droid”* line of phones—the OG, Droid 2, and Droid Bionic).

*Allow me to digress for just a moment. Unless you own one of these phones, (the OG Droid, Droid Eris, Droid 2/D2 Global, and Droid Incredible included) YOU DO NOT OWN A DROID. You own a phone that operates on the Android OS. That’s it. So, stop claiming #teamdroid on Twitter when you’re working with an EVO/MyTouch/Galaxy S/et al. I know that this is petty, but I’m all about telling the truth.

I’ve stuck with Android and resisted the flirtations of Blackberry of iOS and Windows Phone (sleep on the Microsoft boys if you want, but that OS is pretty solid). I’ve rooted my phone, added custom ROMs, done snapshots, stolen free Wi-Fi for my computer—I did all the cool things. Of course, I also tweeted/listened to music/blogged/listened to the first and last pitch of the MLB season also. All the fun things. So why change that? Well…

Agony, thy name is Force Close.
If you’ve had an Android phone, you’ve seen it. It could be Tweetdeck. The Calendar. Gmail. The DIALER. The Browser. Facebook. Text Messaging. If it’s something on your phone, it’s probably force closed before. Why does this happen? Sure, you have the easy reasons (maybe you need to clear the cache on your Twitter app, maybe you have too many text messages saved, maybe they need to do an Occupy Force Close also…the “reasons” are endless). But, the dialer? Really? Text messaging? The stock keyboard? That’s not supposed to happen.

Hey, why don’t you just stay on for a change?
Sure, if your battery is dead, then the phone should power down. (You’d be surprised to know that this is not that well-known of a fact) But with a full charge? When the phone is just sitting there? When you want to listen to a podcast? When you’re trying to snap a photo of someone in a Neil O’Donnell Jets jersey? Yeah, that’s not the business, folks.

The apps are better. Stop joking.
Sure, this is probably subjective. But I’ll give you a list of applications where this rings true:
-MLB At Bat
-Watch ESPN
Those are popular applications. They’re all better on the iPhone. Also, notice how all the messaging applications mimic the bubble style conversation that is so popular on, that’s right…the iPhone? Yeah, that’s not a mistake.

It works!
As you read earlier, I take calls for a cell phone company. I have never, ever, ever, ever, ever gotten a call from someone with a software problem on their iPhone (or iPad, for that matter). Frozen screens? Nope. Keyboard suddenly disappearing just because you hit the space bar? None of that. That’s…kind of a big deal.

So, okay, maybe this isn’t enough to sway you. Think about this: Google and Samsung are unveiling the next version of the Android OS (and the fancy Galaxy Nexus) next week. Most people (and most of those people are Android fanboys) see this as the phone that will finally topple the iPhone. We do realize that it’s taken about four years, right? Now, don’t get me wrong—I LOVE the things that I can do on an Android phone. I can make things look pretty much however I may be feeling that day. And, if I don’t like it, I can go to something else quickly. The Android movement has been swift and relatively stunning. But none of that matters when the phone doesn’t stay powered on. Or if it freezes to the point that you have to take the battery out. You shouldn’t have to take your battery out of the phone, folks. Power it down? Sure. But still. The biggest difference for me in iOS is that the thing WORKS. I can’t say the same for Android. So, again, it’s been fun Android, but I’m leaving you for an iPhone. I’ll miss you a little bit, if that means anything.


BREAKING NEWS: Yours truly will actually not be working on Saturdays and Sundays now. This makes me…just like most of you. Anyway, this means that I could actually write about football on Sundays from now on. I know you’re SO excited about this.

So, even though I worked from mid morning until the early evening, I still watched football from noon til midnight. (That’s how Gs do it, y’all.) I got a good enough look at all of the other games to waste your time with telling you what I thought about things to come away with a lot of thoughts. I was impressed by quite a bit yesterday. Here are the five teams that impressed me the most (in most impressed to not as impressed but still impressed):

(All photos “borrowed” from the guys at 30 FPS. Aren’t they cool?)

1. Clemson
I got into a friendly, yet passionate debate via Twitter about the merits of Clemson after their wins over Auburn and Florida State. I just didn’t think that those two teams were that good, and the games were in Death Valley (every team SHOULD have an advantage when playing at home). If there was any team that had a tall task Saturday, it had to be Clemson. Playing in Blacksburg against a Virginia Tech team that had won 12 conference games in a row? A Tiger team that has disappointed in the past when expectations have been high? Well, Clemson went to Virginia Tech and laid the hammer down, 23-3. And to think, Tajhjhjhjhjihjhjh Boyd (I know that’s not his real name, but his real name is spelled stupidly enough) was 13-32, and threw a touchdown pass after doing about a 42 step drop. The defense was in the backfield all evening, and now Clemson’s schedule lines up quite nicely for the rest of the season. Hell, even Dabo Swinney looked great in his varsity jacket. I think it’s time to finally take notice of the Clemson Tigers, folks.

2. Alabama Crimson Tide
Sure, Alabama made things look easy by winning 38-10. And, yes…it helps when John Brantley went down in a heap just before halftime. But after the game, Nick Saban mentioned how their man-to-man defense wasn’t working early on (Brantley was just torching the Tide with deep passes early). So, once they switched to zone, that gave them a chance to get more pressure on the quarterback. That was really the difference in the game. Of course, it helps having Trent Richardson and a suffocating defense. But I think that Alabama has been a tad bit overlooked this season. They’ve still got LSU and Auburn, so it’s not as if it’s time to crown them. But anytime you can go in and win by 20+ in Gainesville…that’s impressive.

3. Auburn Tigers
You can’t dance with the champ, you gotta knock him down!!
I use that phrase from time to time because I’m an idiot whenever there’s a team playing the defending champ. Say what you want about Auburn, but they did win the national championship last year. And, South Carolina booty danced with them yesterday. Of course, it helps when opposing team’s quarterback is 9-23 with two INTs, your opponent has some hideous crap on their pants and the stud running back loses a fumble. Also, Auburn ran 92 plays. 92!!! As well as the Gamecocks seemingly played on defense, letting Auburn run so many plays is dancing with the champ. Now, I won’t go on about how some sexy ass blogger predicted this outcome back in August, but this is still an impressive result for a team that seems to believe in itself every week. And it also gets Auburn in my Most Impressed List!

4. Wisconsin Badgers
Okay, so it’s hard to not be impressed with a 31 point win over the eight ranked team in the country. Also, credit to anyone who was able to sit and watch that entire game without your eyes bleeding. It was like a candy cane orgy. I’m not really into that sort of thing, y’all. Wisconsin has been good for the past two years. I would love to see them play against an Alabama or LSU.

There is one thing that does annoy me though: The super fawning over Russell Wilson. These commentators act like he’s the greatest quarterback ever, without ever mentioning that he was decent but not spectacular while at NC State. Also, that pass to Nick Toon? Yeah, that was a bad decision, and a lucky catch by Toon. But, whatever, I digress. Wisconsin’s a good team, but it’s not just because of Russell Wilson. They went to the Rose Bowl last year without him! Still, they did enough last night to color me impressed.

5. Washington Huskies
Okay, so you probably don’t watch the Huskies very much. And, it helped that Utah had a questionable choice in uniform (I didn’t even notice those horrendous undershirts. Ye gods!!!). Anyway, Washington barely beat Eastern Washington, got blasted at Nebraska, but yet are 2-0 in conference play after winning by 17 at Salt Lake City. As much as Jake Locker was hyped, his replacement Keith Price has completed 68 percent of his passes with a YPA of 8.5 (Let’s put it this way—Jake Locker never, ever did that). Not sure if I’m just feeling nostalgic, (Holy Marques Tuiasosopo, guys!) but I like where this team is headed. There’s a lot of crud in the Pac-12, but I don’t think that’s coming from the Washington Huskies. At least I don’t think so.

What teams/players/moments impressed you this football weekend? Do you think Clemson is over/underrated or properly rated? Any other things that stood out to you from Saturday? Leave it in the comment bin. Please!