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We’re BACK for the second half! In case you missed it, here’s a look at Part 1 of the NFL Mega Blog EN VIVO.

5:53 pm: Man, these halftimes are not as slow as they used to be! Just when I was finally posting part one of this post, McNabb is already running around. I can’t keep up!

5:56 pm: C’mon, announcers. You know if the QB gets hit hard enough, they’re likely going to throw a flag.

5:59 pm: Pam Oliver reported that Michael Vick is out with a rib and chest injury. Which is fine, except that this information was on Twitter about 20 minutes before Pam went on air with the same thing.

6:01 pm: Random, yet rather relevant tweet: “The speculation — and repeat, speculation — on Michael Vick is a hairline collarbone fracture.” (via @Adam_Schefter)

6:03 pm: Spotted: The Donovan McNabb Face. Just threw a Jake Delhomme bad interception in Eagles territory.

6:06 pm: Terry Bradshaw tells Joe and Troy to “keep up the good work.” I imagine that he wasn’t talking about today’s game.

I bet they're saying blatantly obvious things right now. Even in this photo.

6:09 pm: Running theme from the “famous returns to Philly” montage: Wow, everyone tried to get the hell out of Philadelphia!!

6:12 pm: Elvis Hobbs made a pretty good defensive play. Then he had a pretty offensive celebration with what looked like excessive mastrubation.

6:13 pm: Meanwhile, in San Fran, the Padres got plenty of runs in the first two games of this series. Now, with the season on the line? Of course, they have nothing so far. Hmm. A Padres player striking out, it seems. That "never" happens!

6:16 pm: Once again, number 71 (who happens to be Jason Peters) for the Eagles is called with a hold on Brian Orakpo. Why do I feel like this will come back to be relevant later?

6:18 pm: Two hours in, and the first mention of Albert Haynesworth! As if he just entered into the game.

6:20 pm: Best part of having a microphone on the center: Someone just yelled out “Oh shit!” once the ball was snapped.

6:22 pm: Troy Aikman says that Haynesworth has not been a factor in this game. Yeah, I think he’s watching a different football game than I am.

6:26 pm: Scoreboard time! Chargers 38, Cardinals 7. People may not be coming to the game, but that isn’t stopping the Chargers from whipping up on people.

6:28 pm: “The Redskins have been trying to pound it since they got off the bus,” says Joe Buck. Drink!

6:31 pm: Well, maybe we now see why Corn on the Kolb didn’t get his starting job back. Le sigh.

6:34 pm: Time for some Mike Shanahan Football!! As in, “let’s play ultra conservative and try not to lose.” Because, you know, that works all the time.

6:37 pm: Joe Buck mentioned that Clinton Portis was hurt “AGAIN,” as if he’s soft. Then the replay shows Portis’s ankle getting mangled. Who’s soft now, Joe?!!?

6:39 pm: Random, yet relevant tweet: “I could write a Weekly Andy Reid game management column. It never ends. I keep waiting for him to out source it.” (via @michaelombardi)

6:42 pm: Scoreboard update! Jaguars 28, Colts 21. Apparently these teams got word of my seven-for-eight start in NFL picks this week.

6:48 pm: Stewart Bradley would have made that INT had he not suffered a concussion in Week 1, then come back in the game anyway. Zing!

6:52 pm: These guys seem surprised that McNabb was inaccurate on that deep pass to Armstrong. Have they ever watched any of his games before?

6:56 pm: Joe Buck just referred to Kolb as Vick (drink!) when the pass was thrown. What game has he been watching?

6:59 pm: Oh, snap!!! Kolb with a TD pass to Celek. Two point conversion failed, (though, shotgun spread from the two yard line is not very smart, Andy Reid) now it’s Redskins 17, Eagles 12.

7:03 pm: So now, it comes down to Washington eating the clock, maybe even scoring, in order to win this game. You don’t like their chances either? Yeah, I figured as much.

7:07 pm: Troy Aikman grills McNabb for running out of bounds after getting the first down. Hey Troy, how many first downs did you run for?

7:09 pm: Back to San Fran! Brian Wilson’s beard and mohawk are epic. And he just got a strikeout to put the Braves in the playoffs! Let’s party like it’s 2005!!!

7:13 pm: Now…Kolb has to drive the Eagles down the field to win the game. With no timeouts. You don’t like his chances either? Yeah, same here.

7:16 pm: Ticky tack holding call keeps the Eagles alive. The refs want drama!!

7:17 pm: Booooo, booooo, boooo. Kevin Kolb looks so poised as he dinks and dunks it down the field.

7:19 pm: The Eagles just got their Boise State on!! And we will have a final play! Let’s see how they screw this up.

7:20 pm: Jason Avant played hot potato with a pass that was right in his hands. Because, you know, that’s what he’s supposed to do. Wait..what?

7:24 pm: Final score: Washington 17, Philadelphia 12. If Vick (drink!) actually has a broken collarbone, the Eagles are in trouble. But, guess who picked Washington in this game?!!? Yes, me. Thanks for reading, America!