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Welcome back to the NFL Blog EN VIVO!! Strap yourselves in for a kind of live look at the NFL. As you may have heard, Donovan McNabb is going back to Philadelphia to play his former team. I guess that’s kind of a big

Oh, the good ol' days. When McNabb showed his inner Buckwheat.

deal. As always, these events occur in real time.

All times Eastern
4:01 pm: We are LIVE at the Not That Much of a ManZone Anymore. And Jon Kasay has seemingly not seen an ab workout in a while.

4:02 pm: “If you go backdoor, you better make sure they don’t have backside contain,” says Daryl Johnston. Drink!

4:03 pm: Daryl Johnston also blames this entire disaster of a final drive on D’Angelo Williams. It’s OK, Panthers fans. We beat the spread!!!

4:08 pm: This just in: Terrell Owens has some HUGE arms. But the Browns win, yet another pick I got right!!

4:10 pm: The Redskins have looked pretty awful so far this year. But…this is one of the biggest games of the year…in Week 4?!!? Hey, hype man, get a grip!!!

4:13 pm: Since I’ve been watching so much Teen Mom, I’m just not used to hearing “Plan B” and thinking, “Hmmmm, someone’s birth control failed!!”

4:14 pm: “The answer to that question has been answered,” says Joe Buck. Um, drink?

4:14 pm: “No quarterback has been playing better, or better yet, more dangerously at the position,” says Joe Buck about Michael Vick. I think Peyton Manning would have something to say about that.

4:16 pm: I think Joe Buck has said Michael Vick’s name about 41 times BEFORE THE FIRST SNAP. He also said “It’s been an overwhelmingly positive return for Donovan McNabb!” even though…the game had yet to start. That’s why they pay him the big bucks, folks!

4:18 pm: Since the announcers failed to mention this, I will. Vick was forced out of the pocket by none other than Albert Haynesworth! You know, the 100 million dollar slave.

4:21 pm: Meanwhile, the Redskins just scored a touchdown. Ryan Torrain laid down the shoulder on his way to “paydirt.” 7-0, Washington.

4:22 pm: In Atlanta, the Braves may or may not be in the process of blowing a five run lead, and any chance of getting into the playoffs. I may or may not have also contributed by changing out of my lucky Braves shirt, and into a Panthers jersey.

4:26 pm: I figure now is also a time to throw out a fantasy fail: Terrell Owens: 222 receiving yards, 46 fantasy points, hanging out on my bench. Would it be mean to cancel the league now?

4:29 pm: Back to Atlanta!! Billy Wagner in to save, the game, and the season, for the Braves. It’s pretty electric at the Ted right now.

4:32 pm: Wagner gets the strikeout. Braves win! 8-7. At the worst, there will be an extra play in game. I didn’t even need the shirt!

4:35 pm: Back to Philly! And it’s Mike Shanahan Football!! As in, “there’s no way you can have a Redskins back on your fantasy team because he’ll likely never get enough carries to matter.”

4:36 pm: McNabb with the TD pass, and a beauty, to Chris Cooley. Finally, Joe Buck with something that made sense: “A start that could not go any better for the Redskins.”

4:43 pm: The commentators won’t tell you this, but it looks like the 100 Million Dollar Slave is running around, getting involved in most of the plays here.

4:44 pm: I’m going to throw this out there, but I think that in the production meeting, they may have mentioned the importance of talking about Michael Vick.

4:49 pm: Well, out of about seven different holds to pick from, the refs call the one on the 100 Million Dollar Slave. And, in what could be a tragic twist of fate, Michael Vick is hurt?!!?

4:53 pm: So, if Corn on the Kolb comes in and plays well, does Andy Reid make him the starter again since

I knew that it'd be a good idea to keep this Kevin Kolb picture!

he’s got the hot hand? OH THE DRAMA IS ENGULFING ME RIGHT NOW.

4:58 pm: I officially added “anytime Michael Vick’s name is mentioned” to the Football Drinking Game. We may need a medic over here for my roommate as a result.

5:01 pm: McNabb with the bomb, and a beauty, for 56 yards to Anthony Armstrong. If you’re asking where plays like these were for the Skins in the first three games…obviously, they were saving this for the Philadelphia game!

5:03 pm: Question of the Afternoon: “Does the Redskins defense get extra points for injuring Michael Vick?” Well, I bet PETA would be happy if that were the case.

5:06 pm: Speaking of Vick, (drink!) according to Pam Oliver, he’s suffered a rib injury. Let’s face it: If those ribs are broken, this is Corn on the Kolb’s team again for the time being.

5:09 pm: In NASCAR news, Greg Biffle won a race you likely didn’t watch, and was likely attended by not many people. The Chase

You may not care for NASCAR, but I do. And this is my blog! And, well, get get it.

for the Cup: Catch the fever!

5:13 pm: If the Eagles end up looking awful in this game, maybe Vick (drink!) is the MVP.

5:17 pm: Hmmm, an offensive lineman, wearing number 71, gets called for holding Brian Orakpo. That sounds familiar!

5:20 pm: In San Francisco, the G-Men have a 2-0 lead on the Fathers in Spanish. A win for the Giants gives them the NL West, and the Braves the Wild Card. This live blog is multi-dimensional!!!

5:22 pm: LeSean McCoy seems to be hurt. Because, you know, injuries happen in the NFL. Whatever, bring on 18 games!!! I’m definitely all for more games. I could care less about more injuries and benefits for retired players. I DON’T PLAY IN THE NFL, I just watch it!!!

5:27 pm: Spotted on the sideline: Duce Staley!!! I’m surprised they don’t have him in the locker room feeding chips to Michael Vick (drink!).

5:32 pm: The Eagles look to be going for it. What predictable play will Andy Reid call here?

5:34 pm: “How can you have a delay of game call after a timeout?” asks Joe Buck. Hey Joe, do you know what game you’re calling exactly?

5:38 pm: Thank God for Mike Pereria. He explained that since this was a 30 second timeout, the play clock was “chopped” (whatever that means). Either way, now Joe and Troy can shut up on blaming the officials.

5:40 pm: We’re at halftime! It’s Washington 17-6. I’m just going to throw this out there, but I picked the Skins in this game. Right now, I’m a genius!!! I’ll be back with a new post for the 2nd half.